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Ambassador Programme Update

Due to a huge amount of interest in our Ambassador programme recently, we’ve just launched a new feature for our Ambassadors; Ambassador landing pages.

These new landing pages allow us to give our Ambassadors a level of personalisation that we couldn’t offer before, such as:

  • First come, first served URL choice. For example,
  • Custom displayed name. Ambassadors are no longer limited to using their Facebook name.
  • Custom profile image. Ambassadors are no longer limited to using their Facebook profile image.
  • Custom welcome/thank you messages.
  • Custom meta sharing images. Ambassadors can make the most of how their link looks when shared on social sites
  • Email notifications. Coming soon.

Feel free to take a look at my example page to get an idea of how it looks, here.

I hope you like the changes! As always, your feedback and ideas are very welcome.

Please note: Current Ambassadors will need to switch to their new referral link. If you’re an existing Ambassador, please look out for an email from me with your new URL.

Alex  💚

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