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Ambassador Programme Update

Due to a huge amount of interest in our Ambassador programme recently, we’ve just launched a new feature for our Ambassadors; Ambassador landing pages.

These new landing pages allow us to give our Ambassadors a level of personalisation that we couldn’t offer before, such as:

  • First come, first served URL choice. For example,
  • Custom displayed name. Ambassadors are no longer limited to using their Facebook name.
  • Custom profile image. Ambassadors are no longer limited to using their Facebook profile image.
  • Custom welcome/thank you messages.
  • Custom meta sharing images. Ambassadors can make the most of how their link looks when shared on social sites
  • Email notifications. Coming soon.

Feel free to take a look at my example page to get an idea of how it looks, here.

I hope you like the changes! As always, your feedback and ideas are very welcome.

Please note: Current Ambassadors will need to switch to their new referral link. If you’re an existing Ambassador, please look out for an email from me with your new URL.

Alex  💚

Faver v.1.1 Update

We’ve released some well-needed design updates for you all this week! First off, you’ll probably notice a big change to your profile pages. It’s a lot cleaner, a lot more “on brand”, and most importantly, you can see your shareable profile URL right there underneath your name.

We’ve also made a number of display fixes for mobile resolutions, as well as a pretty significant change to the feed design, especially if you’re browsing on a desktop or a laptop. Faves are now grouped together, rather than displaying one after the other.


Our Ambassador Gabrielle Anne Banner (


We know there’s still a lot to be done, but we really hope you like the changes and would love to know what you think.

💚 !

Introducing BlogChat

It’s not hard to see why Faver has become such a hit with bloggers, so it made perfect sense for us to partner-up with BlogChat; a fast growing, members-only Slack community for bloggers.

BlogChat is a friendly and supportive community of bloggers discussing ideas, making new friends, and helping promote each other’s work. There’s a web-app, a desktop app, and Android/iOS apps for your phone – so you’ve always got access. That said, you’ll only get notified if you’re mentioned, so don’t worry about your phone buzzing like you’ve just joined a busy group-chat.

If you’re a blogger, you might want to head over to now and sign up. The first 500 members get a free lifetime membership – so you’ve really got nothing to lose!

New Faver Profile

Feature Roadmap Update

Lots of new features are just around the corner for Faver, so we thought you might like a sneak peek!

Currently, Faver is live as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Essentially, it’s a stage of development designed to challenge our assumptions, test our hypotheses, and decide which new features should be a priority on the roadmap. And so, after three months of testing and trialling, here are the features currently prioritised and in development:

  1. Multiple Login Options
    1. Login using Facebook, Twitter, or create an account with your email address.
    2. Connect both Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, to find friends from either network.
  2. New User Onboarding
  3. Public User Profiles
    1. Follow any profile, regardless of whether or not you’re friends on another network.
    2. Users not yet logged into Faver can view a limited version of user profiles, but not the respective user’s activity.
    3. Users can add a header image to their profile.
    4. Users can add social/blog links to their profile.
    5. Users can apply for a “Verified Profile”.
  4. Brand/Store Profiles
  5. Currency Select
    1. Users can choose whether to view products with either GBP(£) or USD($) prices.
  6. “Friends who’ve faved this product” Feature
  7. “Related products” Feature
  8. Compatibility fixes
  9. Complete Design Overhaul

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are. Of course, there’s already an endless list of other features we’re excited to work on for you, but we would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions at all. Let’s work together to make Faver the starting point for all online shopping and product discovery!

Bloggers Wanted: Introducing the Ambassador Programme

Today I’m excited to announce our Ambassador Programme!

I’m really proud that so many of our users are bloggers. Whether your blog is about beauty, lifestyle, fashion, or a little bit of everything; it’s been great helping you discover new products to share with your followers.

I honestly can’t stress enough how grateful I am for your help in spreading the word about Faver. And for that, it’s only fair that we find a way to return the favour.

Our new programme rewards Ambassadors for each new user that logs into Faver via their respective referral link. And as a thank you, there’s a bunch of extra rewards as well.

For more information, please take a look here: Faver Ambassador Programme

If you’re interested, let me know at

Alex  💚


Update 27/07/17: We’ve made some changes to the Ambassador programme! Please see here for details.